All the Gears and Cogs

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Jul 31, 2018 21:38:13 GMT -5
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This is where staff place announcements that should be read.
Simple Gears
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Culture FAQ
Jul 16, 2018 10:02:34 GMT -5
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All of the basic information needed to get started on this site is here.
World Lore
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Mythical Creatures of Khandor
Jul 22, 2018 16:51:29 GMT -5
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All lore needed to understand the time period, and world is here.

Character Cogs

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Character Creation
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James Cross
Oct 26, 2019 16:56:04 GMT -5
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Here you will find everything you need to create your character.
Accepted Characters
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Mozinak, Elijah
Aug 1, 2018 20:16:48 GMT -5
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All accepted character applications will go here.

Kingdom of Khandor

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Khandorian Palace
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Strange Mechanisms
Sept 9, 2018 15:09:10 GMT -5
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This is the great palace, where the council meets to discuss the future, and the royal family actually lives. It is not often open to the public, except during festivals.
Market District
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Making a Living [Open]
Jul 27, 2018 0:14:34 GMT -5
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The Market District is a large, open space just outside of the palace. There are often festivals held here. Merchants in wagons, or carts, or even just stalls are common here. People perform for money in-between the stalls, and it is always very busy.
Technology District
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Bumbling Bafoon
Sept 21, 2018 7:40:11 GMT -5
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The Technology District is the place to be. The buildings are large, high-powered, and if you're a thief... hard to break into. But that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Being the most abundant of the districts, most business takes place here. From lawyers to beauty salons, to inventing companies and factories; everything is in this area.

People who live here are at the top, as high as a simple civilian can be. They live in very nice manors or apartments, and want for nothing. Working plumbing, clean streets. This is where you find your upper class and upper middle class families.
Laborers District
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One Man's Trash
Aug 14, 2018 13:19:22 GMT -5
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The people who live in this district are not the poorest of the poor, but they're pretty close. This place is made up entirely of day laborers, manual laborers, and people with trade that is too 'old fashioned' by today's standards. Jobs in this district are things such as diners and cafes, apothecaries, taverns, and various other shops and things that could be opened by someone with very little money.

This is where you'd find your blacksmiths, your maids, your typical working class people living.
Magic District
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More Than This
Aug 5, 2018 11:28:39 GMT -5
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The Magic District was once a place of immense beauty and power, twenty years ago, when magic ruled. What was once a beautiful district is now the home to shanty towns, tent cities, people who have hardly anything to their names.

Outskirts of the Kingdom

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La Damme Forest
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So Fragile
Sept 25, 2018 21:04:54 GMT -5
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The La Damme Forest is the forest that surrounds the kingdom; honestly, the forest makes up most of the island of Khandor. It is mostly uninhabited, at least... from large cities and villages. There is a path through it from the Kingdom to the village of Tifeki, but for the most part it's a mystery...
Tifeki Village
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Shattering Dreams
Aug 5, 2018 11:36:12 GMT -5
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The headquarters of The Left Hand, the group of magic users who have kidnapped the princess, is rumored to be here. However, it's not the only reason to go to this village. This village is home to a beautiful waterfall that is said to have healing properties--however, actually getting there is harder than it appears to be... and is it worth it, really, if the properties it's said to have are just rumors...? This village is a major farming community for the kingdom. It is right on the coast of the island. This village is about a six day walk until you arrive into more populated area, however it is only a three day ride by horse or carriage.
The Piers
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[EVENT] Festival of Mythos
Aug 8, 2018 16:58:09 GMT -5
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The piers are a two day walk from the village of Tifeki. They are a large creation, meant to house multiple ships of various sizes. Anything the kingdom cannot get from its various holdings, it gets from other kingdoms in far-away lands. And those items come through here. They are then transported to the village of Tifeki, and go to the kingdom from there.

The Underground

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The Passageways
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Finding Herz
Sept 4, 2018 15:00:30 GMT -5
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This matrix of underground tunnels, passages, and rooms was made by magic and is the official "home" of The Left Hand. It connects to various places in the City and Tifeki Village.


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The Store
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Khandor Petshop
Aug 5, 2018 20:23:54 GMT -5
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This is where members can go to purchase items for their character's for IC use.

OOC Board

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Member's Corner
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Vee's Availability Schedule
Jul 31, 2018 13:28:39 GMT -5
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This is where you can find and post Character Wanted Ads, Plotters, Thread Trackers, and anything else you might need for character planning and organization!
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A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Jul 19, 2018 23:37:06 GMT -5
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This is where all OOC games can happen.
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I'm Pretty Sure Someone Names Does Aztec Exist....
Aug 6, 2018 23:41:31 GMT -5
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If you are going to be absent for a period of time, this is the place to go. Please ensure you tag people that you are threading with (via their OOC accounts) that you are going to be absent.
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William St. Germaine
Jul 17, 2018 14:43:11 GMT -5
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This is where all old threads reside to keep our IC boards nice and tidy!


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Affiliate Request Rules
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